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Metal Plate, hardware products range
Precision stamping products range
Zinc alloy die casting products range
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Metal Plate, hardware products range
Precision stamping products range
Zinc alloy die casting products range
Aluminum alloy die casting products
machining products range
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DongGuan HengLuo Hardware plastic Co. Ltd was founded in Year 2016, located in a named Yian Industrial Area, Yan Tian, FengGang Town with 3000 square meters. Its adjacent to LongGang, Shenzhen and YanTian customs edge, with very convenient transportation and nice environment.
Our company is a comprehensive hardware manufacturer who specialized in Metal Plate, hardware, Precision stamping......
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Why you choose DongGuan HengLuo Hardware plastic Co. Ltd?
  01 Mold Design full package Leader
Leader of the whole package of mold design
  Mainly focus on this industry for many years, specialized in R&D, produce high quality metal mold, die casting mold.
We were located in a named Industrial Area, Yian, Yan Tian, FengGang Town with convenient transportation.
Our factory built with 3000 square meters, including 100 workers. We won the full approval from our customer and peer.
Sophisticated mold manufacturing technology, mold L/T 20-30 days.
  02 With rich experience to save your time and cost effectively
With rich experience to save your time and cost effectively
  Set up charge will be FOC with big volume gained, high production efficiency.
Evaluate customer drawing to provide the improved suggestion for the product structure, to reach the time and cost savings.
Rich experienced technical engineer and mold design team to meet your different customization requirements
Flexible to deal with emergencies from production line to meet the customer urgent demand and ensure on time delivery.
  03 Strong R&D team-work to provide you more professional technical support
Strong team research and development give you more professional technical support
  With almost 10 workers from R&D department who worked in Media, Galanz top enterprises and gained many years rich experience,
With almost 30 workers from technology maintenance department who gained more than 8 years actual operation experience, Skilled and accurate.
With independent mold development ability, skilled and professional.
With after-sales service to solve your question timely.
  04 Seeking the best design proposal according to the different products.
Seek the best design for different products.
  Low cost of raw materials to seeking the best design proposal.
Communicate with customer timely and effectively to confirm the main parameters, principles and main structure.
Reply customer requirement actively, send the samples within 24 hours during the working days.
135 2874 9345
Product case display
Provide the most professional and best choice of space
Metal Plate department
01 Metal Plate department
We can take the variety of metal hardware products including metal Plate, Precision hardware stamping, Aquatic plant lamp box, alarm crate, controller box, optical section transmitter, 1u/2u crate, DVR crate, DVD crate, communication crate
02 Die casting department
mainly in charge of Zinc alloy die casting, Aluminum alloy die casting, we provide mold design, make, die casting, machining, polish, wire drawing, grinding, spraying, the whole set of workmanship process
Die casting department
Machining department
03 Machining department
We can take the variety of CNC marching process, automatic lathe process, computer gong process. Product material including environmental protected standard fasteners such as stainless steel, copper, iron, aluminum,
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Q Some problems that should be paid attention to in the production of die-casting zinc alloy
A The alloy components are controlled from the purchase of the alloy ingot. The alloy ingot must be based on the highly pure zinc, plus the alloy ingots made of specially high purity aluminum, magnesium, and copper. The supply plant has a strict standard of composition.
Q The method of calculating the quotation for the die
A Mold price = material fee + design fee + processing fee + profit + VAT + mold fee + packing transportation fee.
Q Correct welding repair process of die
A 1, mould cleaning and inspection 2, cleaning type cavity 3, pre welding heating 4, welding position 5, after welding 6, after welding heat and normalizing 7, slow cooling 8, tempering stress 9, final cooling
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